An smart kiosk designed to initiate college students into the world of spices.

Tired of the same, bland dining hall food at school? Place your food in front of Zest, and it immediately springs to action. Zest quickly identifies the components of your meal using computer vision, while on-screen, a list of “spice recipes” will appear — each one suggesting a unique flavor that can be created with a mix of spices. As you swipe through recipes, the required spices will light-up on the adjacent spice rack, helping you quickly enhance your food’s flavor.

I worked in an interdisciplinary team of neuroscience, computer science, and engineering majors to produce a functioning prototype of our concept. My role as the industrial designer was to work with software, electronics, and hardware to create a seamless experience. Tasks included defining the user experience, crafting the form of the and prototyping the final object.

In collaboration with Mandi Cai, Arielle Chapin, Kenta Kondo and Nate Parrott.