NASA Rover Challenge

The RISD rover is a human powered vehicle designed, built and tested by RISD students for NASA's annual Human Exploration Rover Challenge.

Being the Senior that has been a part of the Rover club in both 2015 and 2016, I have the privilege of leading and co-ordinating the design of the 2017 iteration of the vehicle.

Our vehicle entry this year gained 2nd Place, the Technology Challenge Award for most innovative wheel design, Featherweight Award for lightest vehicle to complete under 8 minutes, and the AIAA Best Report Award for most insightful analysis of both the design and the design process.

Project collaborators: Adrian Roop, Carmen Schweizer, Clare Jessey, Clarke Waskowitz, David Walden, Iman Serag, Jason Chang, Lily Douglas, Max Reice, Ryan Smith, Sung Wha Kang and Clayton Wiggers.

Faculty advisor: Michael Lye.

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