MAV, 2016

A sponsored collaboration between RISD and the NASA Johnson Space Centre to design a concept interior for the Mars Ascent Vehicle

The Mars Ascent Vehicle is designed to take astronauts from the surface of Mars to the Transit Vehicle. The objective of this project was to propose an interior configuration for the MAV capable of supporting four astronauts from 16 hours to 5 days, while considering logistical and engineering requirements as well as human factors concerning ergonomics and psychological comfort.

Faculty Advisor: Michael Lye

Credit: Jeremy Bass, Sung Wha Kang, Ji Hyo Kim, Minju Kim, Kenta Kondo, Savanna Li, Megan Valanidas and Azlee Yu

Special thanks to: Robert Howard, Ph.D., Habitability Design Centre at JSC, and Astronaut Michael Gernhardt, Ph.D.

Final Presentation