Creatures, 2017

This project explores the questions of AI development through proposing a new system based on evolution. It speculates that instead of developing a complete AI in a controlled vacuum, seed intelligence should be laden with sensor-rich hardware which is then propagated throughout various environments. This will prompt what we call ‘creatures’ to develop and grow in response to dynamic physical and social environments. By embodying these new modes of intelligence as physical manifestations, humans and AI will both benefit from a level of communication and interaction that is unseen today.

Ultimately, it seeks to address the hermetic and disembodied nature of Human-AI interaction that tends to breed distrust and spread misinformation. While the technologies that could enable these new explorations may still be a long way away, the fundamental principles of transparency and openness can be applied to our current research of AI systems.

Faculty Advisor: Paolo Cardini

Credit: Carmen Schweizer