Catalite, 2018

Roughly one-third of all food produced around the world gets wasted through the production, transportation and consumption processes. Of that loss, a large proportion occurs in both the grocery store and home. Catalite seeks to prolong the shelf-life of fruits through breaking down ethylene- a key volatile organic compound in the ripening process.

An object that can be placed in the supermarket shelves or in the home, Catalite not only seeks to reduce food waste but also provoke discussions about modern patterns of consumption through a visually arresting design. Through reminding users to buy only what they can consume, we hope it would reduce not only food waste, but also ease the demand on the increasingly strained arable land around the world.

Special thanks to: James Weaver, Tanya Shirman, Jack Alvarenga, Paul Machado, Joanna Aizenberg, Jonathan Grinham and Pamela Cabrera

Credit: Maggie George, David Gomez-Gil, Oliver Luo, Anahide Nahhal