A speculative model for a new paradigm in designing artificial intelligence.

NASA Rover Challenge

RISD's entry into the 2017 NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge.

NASA Mars Ascent Vehicle

Collaboration between RISD and NASA Johnson Space Center to design the interior of the MAV.


An smart kiosk designed to initiate college students into the world of spices.

HPV Differential

Front drivetrain differential for the 2017 RISD Rover, designed to be used in any human-powered vehicles.

Aske Collection

An essentials-only furniture collection for the minimal lifestyle.


A celebration of the coffee experience in microgravity.


An intelligent garden wall that simplifies the process of growing vegetables for busy urbanites.


A little robot that wanders around and poops a blob of Nutella every now and then.

Tasman Bar Stool

A proposed design for Dutch furniture company DeVorm.


Miscellaneous models and renderings made with Rhino 3D.