Catalite, 2018
Concept Product

Experimental artifact embedded with catalytic particles capable of breaking down ethylene to extend the shelf life of fruits

Autonomous Vehicles + City of Boston, 2018
Planning and Policy

Recommendations for the city of Boston focusing on equitable deployment of autonomous vehicle technologies

Haiku, 2018
Web Application

A Python-driven web app which generates haikus from news content.

Form 3 + Form 3L, 2017
Product Design

Physical + interaction design of the Formlab Form 3 and Form 3L SLA 3D-printers

Creatures, 2017
Design Fiction

A speculative model for a new paradigm in designing and interacting with embodied machine intelligence

Zest, 2017
Concept Product

A 'smart' kiosk capable of making seasoning recommendations based on what it sees

Differential, 2017
Mechanical Engineering

Front drivetrain differential for the 2017 RISD Rover, designed to be robust and lightweight

NASA Rover Challenge, 2017
Design, Mechanical engineering

RISD's entry into the 2017 NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge, an annual competition held at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama

Mars Ascent Vehicle, 2016
Concept Interior

A sponsored collaboration between RISD and the NASA Johnson Space Centre to design a concept interior for the Mars Ascent Vehicle